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Be song to the wine

51 holidayses passed by, the these several days holidays felt specially tired.Is disturbingly noisy medium look for quite, really is a not easy affair.The festival are the day that the close relatives have a reunion, the day of friend's social parties, a wine table up push the day that the cup changes.However wine table the top can not help but is it of alcohol, there is also K song in wine, really became one of my burden.

The wine isn't a rare thing, speak to me, be regarded as 1 kind to enjoy.The K song isn't a rare amusement, also be regarded as 1 kind to infatuate with.Will drink a little wine, but like a person to only drink, or have a drink together with 12 good friends.Time like this, the wine also drinks more some, there is the felling that a kind of wine meets bosom friend.When wine met bosom friend or a person to have a little drink, is the most pleasing time .However helpless social parties wine, but really hard next swallow.Push a cup to change of, have grow be forced to drink of felling.Will sing a few songs, even like feeling within too many good songs person's lyrics, like in the lyrics of wonderful in nike free running shoes women infatuate with himself/herself.In I but speech, the jollification in music square quarrel, under the light of push a cup to change, can make me sit to looking at the bibulous friends of singing quietly in the corner.My in the mind wonders:Thus the amusement of the helpless social parties, how the ability place on equal footing with"to wine be song".

Be song to the wine, what is the life several?Very popular exquisite good language.Join the government to cure to up see, Cao's holding is a master of intrigues, adventurer;Speak from the literature, Cao's holding is the author of one of"setting up Anne's three Caos"s;Lay aside politics and literature, from the life and the wine of fascinatingly and up see, the Cao held but was a Wu deeply.The posterity almost all love wine, all drank into"be song to the wine, the life is several what" this sentence that the Cao hold marrow inside.I don't know to also research, the Cao holds whether true Wu deeply the real meaning of "be song to the wine, the life is several what", but I am in the apocalypse of this author work and deeply realize and be the function song have today to the wine.The Cao holds of be song to the wine, there is the spirit of winds and clouds.Now then person of be song to the wine, I really feel clean and pure and extremely keen, Chen Xiang is extending far and wore the Du Kang of cultural aureole, had already sunk for the broker and astray is a bargain, the alienation adult's matter so trade of counter.Sing to read to do a dozen in one cup wine, I see combustion's the scholarship of very difficult academic association in cup"the current affairs is clear knowledge all, the human feelings is namely experienced article" within life.

The wine has culture, alcohol then wine culture of extend and extend.From thou drink alcohol is all gradation layer:Is a flock of black match, feast is over, Yao five drink six, readily rave, in really inferior drink a method;23 good friends, a few small vegetableses, the sky is south china sea northern, each express an one's own opinion, it may be said win to wait to drink a method;One person drinks without company, the piano Se is concomitant, toast to invite bright moon, drink a method towards copying into 3 people, square being first-class.The song is music, also a kind of culture.A person listens to song, don't like that someone bothers;When a nike free 5.0 running shoes person sang, I was singing my heart world;Often sing those beautiful poem phrases, in the mind's being like is washed, clean Cheng Che, a few lyricses even than famous saying Jing the sentence is still big to my influence.Still having those is beautiful of melody, let my mood along with it imitate a Buddha to personally experience the joys and sorrows in the song with one climax following another.However, much time the K song after this kind of social parties, really is a song don't become song, adjust not to become to adjust.Hence, this time, oneself then sits corner in, alone and slowly drink, looking at to twinkle of music appearance, appreciate to have the lyrics of content, sink into to think deeply in.

The wine is to is lovely, have fiery personality, aqueous shape.The wine is a more happiness spirit, where in an interesting condition celebrate, have her to come.At present, the wine is also the bridge on the business field, let interpersonal pass her conjunction but reach the agreement of a certain business.Aqueous shape, fire of personality at give a wine charming magic power of at the same time, also make it become the catalyst of social intercourse.The wine is a lubricant, friend together can with that the Gong raise interleave of talk feelings.Wine, time handles affairs can get unexpected effect.As long as however the quantity drinks alcohol, the wine is really a good thing.Since is a good thing, very friendly, not be frivoling good thing.Feeling with drunk, does the wine have Gu?Inebriate, in the wine, also at the person.Having no wine person can be drunk with wine, have a wine person but can inebriate a person.

The wine isn't done stop by the three drops of spring lustrous, the hazy medium term years crossed time and space, can still see a wiser to the wine be song of natural and unrestrained.Be song to the wine, the life is several what.Civilization history of China several thousand years can say to is also culture of the wine.Thou of wine to have it, I don't really know the wine that is again a bad thing is who invent.Once read a book concerning wine, the name called 《aqueous outward appearance, fire of personality 》 .Hence I have been aming cutting and polishing, this water and fire are how incompatible natural phenomenas!Why only then the wine can explain it thus harmonious and symmetry and invulnerable?But drink into just right, can give people thus of float however desire fairy, too subtle to be described state.Seat, a medicine boundary elder generation says:"Living again He Huan, dead again why on earth", I have the kind the felling of"be song to the wine, the life is several".

Once read many ancient books, once read many ancient poem phrases, have understand of a little to the wine in those decorous writings.Be song to the wine, with the going to of poem companion wine high state, is 5,000 the middle of the years, Chinese clearly inside at the earliest stage appeared is also the most elegant and the most precious cultural phenomenon.Think a virtuous famous poem of Cao Meng"be song to the wine, what is the life several?"The so-called song isn't today's K song, but means poem phrase the song endow with.The cultural person in ancient times not necessarily needs while drinking how much delicious good dinner, but not the ability is without verse.Is so-called to add to the fun by wine, help of is also poem interest.Was subjected to a thou the cultural influence , when a person slowly drink diluted wine, like to read"east the hedge chase wine evening after" that Li Qing shines on;Have a little drink a rum, read"be song to the wine, the strong joy is still tasteless" always;Then like to read Su nike free running shoes for men an east ascent while drinking strong drink of"life is but a dream, a Zun return Lei river's month ……

Be song to the wine, in the tiny Xun Xu Xu way way of is the time for passing away, recall medium is the life nike free run 2013 that remains in the memory to print a vestige.The person, who drinks, often says:The life is like wine, but makes wine of person but say:The wine is like life.Once see from poqemko1314 the Pu save the television drama 《the Cao holds and Cai Wen Ji 》 that the Xin stars with play snow and specially like hair quick sing on stage of slice the tail song 《be song to the wine 》 , that spacious atmosphere of sound area, the Hun is thick and tactfully of the tone make me taking into that troops and horses age a time, the host are male reserved but vicissitudes of life, deep feeling but helpless deep thought with suppress medium go to, like a woman that keeps off home town to keep off close relatives, at a month Lang star sparse night, stood still in the Huang to win at first, standing alone but quitely felt thankful the choice of the change, life of years with can not avoid.Listen to this song, give people different felling."Be song to the wine, the life is several what, why end do you just say?Be song to the wine, genuine feeling consequence, why understand more difficult lead?"

Be song to the wine, what is the life several?Long universe, very small and distant cosmos.The person is insignificant, like a drop of water in the ocean.The person's whole life, flashy, be like to leave original top grass, 1 year old one ups and downs is similar, very short.While time is taking infinite years in a hurry, oneself likes to go back and forth in the recollection.In childhood, see grandpa and father through have a drink together;After growing up, have a drink together with father;After getting married, with the lover have a drink together;Odd moment has a drink together with good friend;When heart calmed down, in month descend with the shadow had a drink together;While being lonely with recall have a drink together;Like the time of a person or slowly drink with 23 bosom friends, burn old wine, Wen Liang Bei silver Zun, take for three cents, elegance, take sky as an act, consider a pot of pair of, waiting for can have a drink together with me of person's son, at one cup one cup reply the wine of one cup to meet bosom friend in, discuss Qing wine to please together to the wine in Tang Shi of the song of heroic free, slow Xu today this Zun get empty of the wine in Sung phrase of grace reserved, the metre singing to cook the wine in the dollar song that the wine burns maple leaf together is floating ……

Three nights of 51 festivals, I have two days to just be to the wine to sit in silence a deliberation in the song.Quarrel of revel of night, I in enjoy in the hullabaloo quite.Is many at 10:00 p.m., come out from music square, alone the stroll listens to in spring breeze the flower petal float to fall of voice, there is a kind of very quite felling.The neon light that sees the flickers of streets and alleys music square, I am just thinking:Be song to the wine, the life is several what, spread all over the song hall, bar and KTV of streets and alleys, whether is explaining these two meanings of poems?

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