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Guard a mind

This 51 seem compare in early years to must slightly and late some, however people still keep expecting, probably is that that the this year cloud Ling mountain and stream is universal is dry, hardly hears a raindrop voice, hangs and catches fire a very red sun just in the sky, rest of what don't also leave.

The many people is fallen in love to in rain to take a walk, also Be fallen in love to heavy rain inside to travel over.The mountain and stream landscape now when liking the that time in the light rain was concealed, also like in the middle of heavy rain that moving life symphony chapter.

In the last half year, a hundred years are difficult to meet of especially the big drought encroach upon this beautiful land and imitate the whole world of Buddha not at fine, numerous people become anxious, also incapable is dint, no matter the mankind is how great, a such flimsiness in the natural disaster in front.This time disaster, let this place not at self-satisfied, not is showing, no one would like to believe, this water power resources the specially abundant place is suffering a "roast"ing of hot sun.The line Chuan earthquake in whole yearses doesn't already make numerous people deep in sorrow, people's seeming hasn't come out that shadow, while the jade tree again take place this year mankind the catastrophe on the civilization history, be like a rightness of lovers, old hate haven't passed by, and add new wound at present.

As long as you are free carefree to turn everywhere, you will see arrive in former days the greenery become Yin, the one is withered today yellow;You will also see arrive in former days the river of continuous flow and became a small river today;You also see arrive in former days dark green farmland, the dust floats in the sky today.Is a lot of, only you realize in person, the fine home is no longer what it was before, connected them to use water to also become a difficult matter everyday, imitated a Buddha for a night of the life was become luxury goods with water.Is really strange, only rich family, would fall in love to the luxury goods, and at present, connect to live Ma Ma of poor of the person also started enjoying to have luxury goods and let a heart of unbearable heavy burden be getting more fidgety.

Every day, the irritable sunlight burns the earth and lets the land of such dried up accept to can not stand this raging flames day more, at present really not remember how much person pray, the god rain quickly and quickly, can up to now god also not spread some sweet dew.However in the beautiful land, this comprehensiveness' season grow in the creation, could not see dark green farm goods, the one is desolate, one depression, let people be getting more confused, more anxious.Their extravagant beg not and calculate much, as long as Anne's safe steady life, well-clad and well-fed is their wisheses, however order so to expect to also guard not to live, old sky of don't give, not Nai they are on guard don't live the mind of such simplicity.

Certainly, for this city no exception, the hot sun is to shine on everyday, the prosperous street of the Xi Xi Rang Rang, busy work, had been eroding a people fine mind.Is helpless, the great majority rush about asics tiger among the city, is traveled over to a ruthlessness work, grow this with live, this kind of invisible pressure of gradual exhaustion they of intense emotion and energy.They start feeling confused and worried to the life of this kind of city, at mind deep place profoundly reject.Dream of one fine day, the Yong had enough money, also ability one family enough of use, escape a city at that time, go to a forest with beautiful scenery, lead that kind of the life of the free and happy recluse, didn't contend for with a life time, few uneasy, few gratitude and grudge.

The breeze in May takes blazing hot flavor, people can not avoid being seen, also illegal evade.However, the arrival of stanza day off, bring people of happy, is also releasing of a kind of heart.The scene in that day can not imagine, I also surpass description the mood in that time.A lot of year agos, the person in the country puts together a life to also make the city run, rural people can not imagine appearance in the city at that time, city to them be heaven, is also out of this world Taoyuan, is that the more living paradise is versatile.They look forward to a city carefree and also look forward to a city of safe and sound, look forward to a city more all over the place of gold.

Many years later, today, the morals of the world of thing desire crosscurrent, people experience for working hard of several 10 yearseses, 30-70 people dominate this society, is exactly also ruling of so many in the last yearseses this society, more and more social capital and wealth collect their bottoms in the door and predominate this social consumption of before follow.However be placed in the person and speech of 20-30 stages, from their mouth in beg for for a night, scenery, paying the price of is a youth, in addition just also have no capital Be worth making wager.

Xing breeze blood rain in city of so many in the last yearses makes people exhausted and lets people resents regrets.Be not looking forward to the life of city from the low heart, start remembering fondly that quiet country-life, also look forward to a small park of simple farmer.That day in May, I really would not like to believe and also really dare not believe and have never seen landscape like this, however is indeed lucky to this city, regression quite, let in normal times the superficial city seem to be particularly of equanimity.

You see each street corner of a city, long long of car brigade row be like to wind around to hover around of the Great Wall, be like ant to wriggle, seem only have beginning, but don't end.More and more come of person in the city, drive a love car, take a wife kid to escape toward the beautiful country, take an in the smiling face of full face in fine threads anxious, pray time slow a slow, the travel shortens a to allow, arrives that captivating village earlier and enjoys the farmer person's happiness of family reunion.

I could not say, also way not, at that time people's mood.It is to travel to seem to be not, also not is play, but the city that escapes to live, escape a realistic life, escape the environment of depressed.Who don't know in this city, can not find one leaf, consign longing for of people;Can not find a water grass, consign people's beautiful dream;Can not find a willow, consign people's mind.

Although body place busy asics gel nimbus streets, don't forget living fun as well, the heart of love of beauty of the human nature has no place not at.Time is getting longer, the feeling in the heart can't disappear, and they need to put the flame of flying the soul and write freely the intense emotion of mind deep place.Always, they still keep guarding heart, the regression of on guard mind.

In the blink of an eye, driver by himself[herself] of the love car is forward quick blunt, the shadow of city gradually disappear in the oneself's thinking, cheap asics a beautiful and slender bright village, once rowed in my view, start to concuss the 1000 F wave flower in the heart, that desire that has long time no see again active among the heart.

All over the place green grove flower, has no place not at birds' twitter joys song, what I let go of rushes and seems to have no end.

I rejoice myself, and then returned to the place that the landscape connects with each other, the kid of on guard childhood years was true.That very green mountain point, that small river that is pure to flow to drip, that industrious craft work between the countrysides, the village rises continuously to drink smoke.I imitate a Buddha and return to a quite world and temporarily forgot the boon gratitude and grudge of river's lake hatred, the happy time of in a couple of days comfortable heart.

Is this place at this time, let me think of a childhood again, I play in the frolic of in the field, mother at industriously craft work.Passed by for several years, the mother was old many, deeply print the trace of years on her face.More let my regrets of is still a mother to work in the in the field, however the mother is really old, not at is two in many front, her figure became more and more small, ratio formerly become clumsily many.My heart also deeply vibrated, the heart had too many think to the mother's words, until I didn't speak of to the mother while returning again, but I heart inside of sorry and ashamed and many many.

Imitate Buddha this years, it is uneasy to make me more, I also want to have a good living environment, not the wish makes the mother is getting bitter again, she rushed about greater half generation son, also the interest's interest.The sky remains so brilliant, but I can not find tomorrow's direction, probably the tonight stops over of there is still no whereabouts in place.

Suddenly, the sky finally spreads to fall to have long time no see of light rain, I ain't contemplating, the raindrop that has long time no see for this.I didn't escape as well as hide, this is the lover's tears, also the bounty of god.Rain is gradual of heavy get up, I stand in rain to long for and infatuate with work properly at rain center of fall thick and fast, let me not be distressing, forgot material life of superficial, forgot material life of burning cool.

In heavy rain of asics for men I, free to rowing of raindrop and fall, that very cool breeze blows the Buddha to me to be like and lightly flies, afloat in rain light song Man the dance is let go of to landscape and under the eaves.The whole world gradually disappears, this world only has me and allows me to without restraint dash away and allow me to without restraint infatuate with and allow me to without restraint forget.On guard mind, on guard mind deep place of natural and unrestrained, talk ambition to guard a body in the ice and the fire.

World of superficial, the temptation of human life, that only takes a glance clouds and mist, the thousand years empress eventually will vanish like bubbles to own nothing at all.The person originally owned nothing at all and arrived at the human life such, leave as well such, why the need for pursued material life again superficial.Who not understand, people guard not to live efflorescence and also guard not to live sun and moon and guard more not to live youth.Summer autumn of spring substituting of winter, the variety of sun moon and stars, running off of youth years, we can ignore as well as don't know, those die with the chronic illness of livinging of person similar can not be or so, however we can guard an outstripping of mind and guard the fun of life.In spite of living annoyance includes how much, also in spite of the distress of life have much deep, more in spite of the human sympathy and unfeelingness of the world, as long as we guard their our own minds and live a little bit big-hearted and comfortablely, the life will become more and more fine.

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Not the output woe

There is such a person, once took part in to go on expedition a soldier to leave for Burma to battle for anti- day, fought the area chief of staff history Di with anti- method in the world west Si alliance China Wei to once have a friendship;When the guard that leads Jiang Jie Shi, the but again took part in Kuomintang's troops asics gel nimbus at the starting revolution of dollar river of Yunnan;Return to home town to teach after founding a nation, the right-wing hat wore for 20 years;After correcting in 1979 again teach for more than 20 years, the year leads normal retirement at the beginning of 21th century life, the but again is lived by two sons who deeply sink casino to annoy a disease to grieve.His name calls Su's dint.

Su's dint and his old age that are full of a legend color from cradle to the grave not the output woe, actually and what is the row?

By all means win fortuity, by chance win by all means.Keep 3 Chinese feet in deep freeze, not on the first of cold, still have to from the beginning speak of.

Su's dint, original domicile green mountain county incorporation country incorporation the village is seven sets of, February 3, 1927(the beginning of January of lunar calendar two) livings.Its father Su's the universe there is 20 acres of farmland, the soil is 20 acres.Its elder brother Su Meng gets to living in 1919 and goes into Kuomintang troops in 1935, when Jiang Jia's dynasty replies to put out hit persons because of taking part in anti- water of local political bandit troops domestic affairs mansion, be captured to serve prison term, die in prison building.All of its younger brother Su, the liberation beginning studies and teaches after 60's in 20th century.

In 1942, the Su dint celebrates cloud with his cousin to run away from marriage together for week(living in 1925), after inside, Yuan Ling etc. ground.Celebrate cloud for week the person of remnants chess is under the Yuan Ling a wharf top and the side of highway to the Yi, lose everything 2 people's travel expenseses all, 2 people have to sing money plank to drift everywhere and arrived Zhi river once the elm gulf take, get Yuan Ling Kuomintang garrison forces car command post Qin, king 23 strive for to take in.The Su dint arrives car command post at that moment private's clerk, learned a car at the same time driver technique;Celebrate cloud all over the body Gao Li Da Dun, then enter cannon 19 regiments 2 camps 3 connected to be the first-class artillery.

In 1943, Su's dint is taken out to adjust China to go on expedition asics for men a soldier to leave for a Mian battle.The stunt trains and had a little English foundation after half year;Learned again some probe a technique, will open motor, bicycle, tank and steamer, train and airplane;Combine study and various disguise Shu need of physics, chemistry knowledge, change all of the voice, abnormal condition, anti-virus and Shi Du to learn.

Go into Mian battle beginning, Su's dint namely devotion probe an activity, generally is take part in 3-5 people of probe a group.Once, he sneaks in asics tiger the Kou of day some division commander's headquarters, the Qie gets the project of battling.Su's dint seizes an opportunity the thermodynamic power deployment of the Kou of probing the day again.

Su dint place the army is 170 teachers, teacher Li Bin Pu, University of Shandong after graduating the hurl pen from quit, go into Wuhan military school for living.It is this person to respect and admire Li Da Dun Zhao.

Go on expedition a soldier battle to defeat, after wearing Anne Lan to sacrifice, go into India again, at my Su's dint drive history Di Wei knot is friendship.Halt to print soon, the Xuan adjusts Chongqing and gets into Jiang Jie's guard's regiment.At this time, he checks to feel Fang son(gold green jade Hui) in the Chuan island big four to steal national government troops of intelligence report, and help to wear Li and Fang son in the Chuan island to match wits.

After fighting the invading army victory, England just will aid ten more important cards in China supplies to hand over to the Kuomintang government and help Jiang Jie Shi to prepare civil war.The parties Su's dint of Jiang Jie Shi takes part in to connect love to aid China ten card tasks.Ten cards contain 2 kinds, a kind of"shell gram in the history" that is iron cover, "the Yin solution receives west" that is an awning.

Connect a car to the back of Yunnan, from Du Yu clearly toward Jiang Jie Shi's introduction, Su's dint made Jiang Jie Shi's guard.On the Lu mountain meeting, Fang son in the Chuan island is discovered by him, the soil is fatty to be again sent to Shandong to Fang son in the Chuan island to break liberation area at first, but is beaten into Japanese secret service of medium the totally underground party member tracked but uncovered, Fang son in the Chuan island was executed by shooting by the public trial.

Wear Li to want to pull Su's dint the soldier is all, Jiang Jie Shi as well already depend on grant.Su's dint is free from to use and make a convenience of to use medium match generally with soldier generally, say that oneself is to probe a soldier, investigate at present disorderly of, would like to ascend a Jiang field report effect party country.Jiang Jie Shi hence the designation wears Li:Put him one horse, this person can also make use of.Chen Li Fu sees Su govern in the dint tendency, very pleased, knowing can not demand, make him see 107 teacher colonel chief of staff Xie Zi Liang, Xie Zi Liang get Chen Li Fu's designation, then introduce Su's dint to the teacher department adjutant's department chief(medium all) Wang Bao Liang(Li Sha Pu's wife's younger sister man) work a period of time, Wang Bao Liang sees Su's dint everything, the technical skill is uncommon, then namely secretly lead long line, again leave the hand of 49 teacher guard's company commanders introduce Su's dint to the major general teacher Li Bin Pu.Guard's company commander is Zhang Jian, leave for the lieutenant whom the Mian goes on expedition a soldier, directly once led Su's dint.Li Bin Pu then lets Su the dint help Chen confidential with lieutenant colonel military always everywhere grow(soldier all) square the Huai match wits, Dou skill, match.

Huai naval battle service, Jiang Jun suffers utter defeat, the Su dint got to Chongqing with Li Bin Pu.At this time, Jiang Jie Shi sends 188 stunts the spy incubate Chongqing with fully throw misrule power Taiwan make to wait for an opportunity spy's net of counterattacking the mainland behind of use.

107 teachers start revolution in dollar river's county in Yunnan.After starting revolution, make Chen Zui in Yunnan heart in torment, Su's dint helps Lu Han Zhi to capture Chen Zui again.

The warfare quells, Su's dint wants to see parents and then wishes to return to home town to take part in a revolution work, is laid off to go home.Because of D one big wave anti- water, ward chief, Wang Tian Xin, , guide member bore Xiang meeting, government Wei Guo Dian Qiang etc. leadership to advise Su to temporary stay Long Chi's district office.The D is one big wave Tiao hole suicide, the bandit suffers from cancellation, and Su goes home to have a reunion(1950-1953) with plum jade joss-stick and livings eldest son.Feelings is unsuited to, the double double voluntarily divorces.Five quick love by livinging teacher, encounter its elder brother's five Shao water objections, Be judged for the husband and wife by law court.Five Shao water with village people Wei the power of the secretary beat Su's dint for"the rightest", send into the Kun railroad workplace labor to bring up.

Become a Kun railroad up, all rightists learned carpenter, iron work, cement work and Anne to carve work.West teacher professor Wu Yun lifted party Wei secretary an opinion:The style is undemocratic, the Geng namely wears a hat.Northern big lecturer temple a life time the light(study in U.S. Doctor, a class professor) say to the wife:"Prefer to in the United States be dog, don't wish to be an individual as well in China."The wife sued in court, divorce not calculate, also trample temple a life time to only pour in the ground.Yang Yu livings to take part in to make nuclear science and several times complains to say amateur to lead expert.Southwest railroad design engineer Zhu Shi in the hospital becomes, the southwest college of military teach Luo thank man to say Chinese arms material falls behind, should improve.

Su's dint still knew Xie play expert, Wang Yu Suo, of Chongqing, Wei publicity minister in Chongqing City Wang Kuang, the region professional writer king of Ya An from western Kang City far strives for, especially central office sixth director Jin Shi in the office grant.Jin Shi grants to successively once allow to halt wave and Xiong, Jie and south an ambassador and once said the hair Ze east"closed the border to lock a country".

Much rightists, all is so, paid for a words 20 years of life and youth price.They take part in a dozen of Sui holes, 15,000 cheap asics meters are long, break through for original 5 years.Zhu Shi becomes to suggest to beat numerous waist holes, the waist hole becomes and discovers a python, the bullet doesn't go into, pleases Soviets help and kills with the guided missile.

Su dint labor bring up after being released, return to home town to accept crowd's autocracy.In the Cultural Revolution, when he is criticized Dou the meeting host discovers that he doesn't shout the slogan of "chairman Mao is long live", hence launch crowd to get stripe a batch of Dous.The person voice is like tide, the responsibility asks him why not slogan of shouting"chairman Mao long live", he nowise repents, but eloquent:"Chairman Mao is the leader of proletariat and people's the public, not us ground rich anti- bad right leader, I have never entitled to shout, why want to shout?"The flame of anger is very overbearing.

Though bring order out of chaos afterwards, he weighs the last platform, the soul deep place always has no good will to the government to the party, there is no approbation, haven't truely once studied as well Marxist with only thing dialectics, not the ability exactitude treats life and society, as a result narrow-minded, everythings all see not to open, not ability and accompany enter, to two sons more Shu in tube teach, as a result the patrimony is hurt by two sons who sink into casino naked, finally annoy a disease and grieve, from food consequence, is lives like this it the ash that is dark and too nonsense too much?

If he can clear an old society to the lousy rice of sesame Chen of his full brain, if he ability dialectical the ground see pure problem and exactitude treat, if he can see forward, which will have this kind of final outcome?


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Be song to the wine

51 holidayses passed by, the these several days holidays felt specially tired.Is disturbingly noisy medium look for quite, really is a not easy affair.The festival are the day that the close relatives have a reunion, the day of friend's social parties, a wine table up push the day that the cup changes.However wine table the top can not help but is it of alcohol, there is also K song in wine, really became one of my burden.

The wine isn't a rare thing, speak to me, be regarded as 1 kind to enjoy.The K song isn't a rare amusement, also be regarded as 1 kind to infatuate with.Will drink a little wine, but like a person to only drink, or have a drink together with 12 good friends.Time like this, the wine also drinks more some, there is the felling that a kind of wine meets bosom friend.When wine met bosom friend or a person to have a little drink, is the most pleasing time .However helpless social parties wine, but really hard next swallow.Push a cup to change of, have grow be forced to drink of felling.Will sing a few songs, even like feeling within too many good songs person's lyrics, like in the lyrics of wonderful in nike free running shoes women infatuate with himself/herself.In I but speech, the jollification in music square quarrel, under the light of push a cup to change, can make me sit to looking at the bibulous friends of singing quietly in the corner.My in the mind wonders:Thus the amusement of the helpless social parties, how the ability place on equal footing with"to wine be song".

Be song to the wine, what is the life several?Very popular exquisite good language.Join the government to cure to up see, Cao's holding is a master of intrigues, adventurer;Speak from the literature, Cao's holding is the author of one of"setting up Anne's three Caos"s;Lay aside politics and literature, from the life and the wine of fascinatingly and up see, the Cao held but was a Wu deeply.The posterity almost all love wine, all drank into"be song to the wine, the life is several what" this sentence that the Cao hold marrow inside.I don't know to also research, the Cao holds whether true Wu deeply the real meaning of "be song to the wine, the life is several what", but I am in the apocalypse of this author work and deeply realize and be the function song have today to the wine.The Cao holds of be song to the wine, there is the spirit of winds and clouds.Now then person of be song to the wine, I really feel clean and pure and extremely keen, Chen Xiang is extending far and wore the Du Kang of cultural aureole, had already sunk for the broker and astray is a bargain, the alienation adult's matter so trade of counter.Sing to read to do a dozen in one cup wine, I see combustion's the scholarship of very difficult academic association in cup"the current affairs is clear knowledge all, the human feelings is namely experienced article" within life.

The wine has culture, alcohol then wine culture of extend and extend.From thou drink alcohol is all gradation layer:Is a flock of black match, feast is over, Yao five drink six, readily rave, in really inferior drink a method;23 good friends, a few small vegetableses, the sky is south china sea northern, each express an one's own opinion, it may be said win to wait to drink a method;One person drinks without company, the piano Se is concomitant, toast to invite bright moon, drink a method towards copying into 3 people, square being first-class.The song is music, also a kind of culture.A person listens to song, don't like that someone bothers;When a nike free 5.0 running shoes person sang, I was singing my heart world;Often sing those beautiful poem phrases, in the mind's being like is washed, clean Cheng Che, a few lyricses even than famous saying Jing the sentence is still big to my influence.Still having those is beautiful of melody, let my mood along with it imitate a Buddha to personally experience the joys and sorrows in the song with one climax following another.However, much time the K song after this kind of social parties, really is a song don't become song, adjust not to become to adjust.Hence, this time, oneself then sits corner in, alone and slowly drink, looking at to twinkle of music appearance, appreciate to have the lyrics of content, sink into to think deeply in.

The wine is to is lovely, have fiery personality, aqueous shape.The wine is a more happiness spirit, where in an interesting condition celebrate, have her to come.At present, the wine is also the bridge on the business field, let interpersonal pass her conjunction but reach the agreement of a certain business.Aqueous shape, fire of personality at give a wine charming magic power of at the same time, also make it become the catalyst of social intercourse.The wine is a lubricant, friend together can with that the Gong raise interleave of talk feelings.Wine, time handles affairs can get unexpected effect.As long as however the quantity drinks alcohol, the wine is really a good thing.Since is a good thing, very friendly, not be frivoling good thing.Feeling with drunk, does the wine have Gu?Inebriate, in the wine, also at the person.Having no wine person can be drunk with wine, have a wine person but can inebriate a person.

The wine isn't done stop by the three drops of spring lustrous, the hazy medium term years crossed time and space, can still see a wiser to the wine be song of natural and unrestrained.Be song to the wine, the life is several what.Civilization history of China several thousand years can say to is also culture of the wine.Thou of wine to have it, I don't really know the wine that is again a bad thing is who invent.Once read a book concerning wine, the name called 《aqueous outward appearance, fire of personality 》 .Hence I have been aming cutting and polishing, this water and fire are how incompatible natural phenomenas!Why only then the wine can explain it thus harmonious and symmetry and invulnerable?But drink into just right, can give people thus of float however desire fairy, too subtle to be described state.Seat, a medicine boundary elder generation says:"Living again He Huan, dead again why on earth", I have the kind the felling of"be song to the wine, the life is several".

Once read many ancient books, once read many ancient poem phrases, have understand of a little to the wine in those decorous writings.Be song to the wine, with the going to of poem companion wine high state, is 5,000 the middle of the years, Chinese clearly inside at the earliest stage appeared is also the most elegant and the most precious cultural phenomenon.Think a virtuous famous poem of Cao Meng"be song to the wine, what is the life several?"The so-called song isn't today's K song, but means poem phrase the song endow with.The cultural person in ancient times not necessarily needs while drinking how much delicious good dinner, but not the ability is without verse.Is so-called to add to the fun by wine, help of is also poem interest.Was subjected to a thou the cultural influence , when a person slowly drink diluted wine, like to read"east the hedge chase wine evening after" that Li Qing shines on;Have a little drink a rum, read"be song to the wine, the strong joy is still tasteless" always;Then like to read Su nike free running shoes for men an east ascent while drinking strong drink of"life is but a dream, a Zun return Lei river's month ……

Be song to the wine, in the tiny Xun Xu Xu way way of is the time for passing away, recall medium is the life nike free run 2013 that remains in the memory to print a vestige.The person, who drinks, often says:The life is like wine, but makes wine of person but say:The wine is like life.Once see from poqemko1314 the Pu save the television drama 《the Cao holds and Cai Wen Ji 》 that the Xin stars with play snow and specially like hair quick sing on stage of slice the tail song 《be song to the wine 》 , that spacious atmosphere of sound area, the Hun is thick and tactfully of the tone make me taking into that troops and horses age a time, the host are male reserved but vicissitudes of life, deep feeling but helpless deep thought with suppress medium go to, like a woman that keeps off home town to keep off close relatives, at a month Lang star sparse night, stood still in the Huang to win at first, standing alone but quitely felt thankful the choice of the change, life of years with can not avoid.Listen to this song, give people different felling."Be song to the wine, the life is several what, why end do you just say?Be song to the wine, genuine feeling consequence, why understand more difficult lead?"

Be song to the wine, what is the life several?Long universe, very small and distant cosmos.The person is insignificant, like a drop of water in the ocean.The person's whole life, flashy, be like to leave original top grass, 1 year old one ups and downs is similar, very short.While time is taking infinite years in a hurry, oneself likes to go back and forth in the recollection.In childhood, see grandpa and father through have a drink together;After growing up, have a drink together with father;After getting married, with the lover have a drink together;Odd moment has a drink together with good friend;When heart calmed down, in month descend with the shadow had a drink together;While being lonely with recall have a drink together;Like the time of a person or slowly drink with 23 bosom friends, burn old wine, Wen Liang Bei silver Zun, take for three cents, elegance, take sky as an act, consider a pot of pair of, waiting for can have a drink together with me of person's son, at one cup one cup reply the wine of one cup to meet bosom friend in, discuss Qing wine to please together to the wine in Tang Shi of the song of heroic free, slow Xu today this Zun get empty of the wine in Sung phrase of grace reserved, the metre singing to cook the wine in the dollar song that the wine burns maple leaf together is floating ……

Three nights of 51 festivals, I have two days to just be to the wine to sit in silence a deliberation in the song.Quarrel of revel of night, I in enjoy in the hullabaloo quite.Is many at 10:00 p.m., come out from music square, alone the stroll listens to in spring breeze the flower petal float to fall of voice, there is a kind of very quite felling.The neon light that sees the flickers of streets and alleys music square, I am just thinking:Be song to the wine, the life is several what, spread all over the song hall, bar and KTV of streets and alleys, whether is explaining these two meanings of poems?

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